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Wouter Haenen

My name is Wouter Haenen (1978). After finishing the gymnasium in Alkmaar, I decided to study Physics at the UvA, out of interest in the subject. After obtaining my Master’s degree, I started teaching in 2002. Physics and Mathematics and ANW at a school in Amsterdam. I enjoyed teaching and that is why I have been teaching for over 20 years now. I obtained the first-degree qualification a few years after my start in education. At my previous school, the European School in Bergen, I discovered the added value of smaller classes. The exam classes there sometimes had less than 10 students, which clearly benefits the atmosphere and attention in the class. In the current education system, the classes are large, over  more than 30 students, which is often not good for the students. There is no time for individual attention.

Partly because of this experience, I decided to start my own tutoring agency and to strive for private lessons or a mini-class of 2 or 3 students.

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