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Physics and Math tutoring online. Give your Science courses a boost. Many preceded you.

Experience shows that individual tutoring or lessons to duos provide the highest learning results. In pairs, one student can try an exercise, while the other learns about the same topic. In addition, the student also learns from the pitfalls of the other. This is no longer possible in a regular school class, sometimes with more than 30 students, because there is little time for individual attention from the teacher and there is a lot of distraction. At Betabooster, Wouter is immediately there for you if you get stuck!.


Physics and Mathematics tutoring in the area of Alkmaar, Bergen-NH, Schoorl, Egmond, Sint Pancras or online in the digital classroom.

Online Tutoring

Log in to the digital classroom and connect with your teacher. Many enthusiastic students went for success with Bètabooster.

Qualified teacher

Wouter is a first degree certified teacher with a lot of experience.

Lesson material

Teaching is provided at all levels. From primary school to university studies.


The mini-class: if you have a common stumbling block in your class or during your studies, put together a mini-class and we will tackle your problem together and boost your understanding!

Plan Of Approach

Together we make a plan of action, so that we practice the material well before the test or exam. We focus as much as possible on what will be asked on the test and, if necessary, also request additional practice material from the school or further education


If you have a common stumbling block in your class or during your studies, put together a mini class.

Berger Scholen gemeenschap, Bergen N-H

“The BSG is a small, safe and vibrant school, on the edge of the Bergerbos. We are a small-scale school where we know our students”.

Petrus Canisius College, Alkmaar

Discover who you are and what you want. You do that at the PCC. Because everyone is different, you have a lot to choose from at the PCC.

Europese School,
Bergen N-H

Our pupils in this 4-18 school are educated in a secure, happy, relaxed yet stimulating and challenging multilingual environment.

Jan P. Thijsse, Castricum

We are convinced that society needs ambitious, inquisitive and engaged global citizens who think and act globally.


Bètabooster has provided many support lessons in many high schools. He helps students who need that extra helping hand

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